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Links for Grant Applications

Applications for a Disabled Person’s Housing grant or housing aid for older People must be downloaded from the relevant authority. Links to Cork City & County sites are listed here.

Housing Loans and Grants

Housing Grants

VAT reclaimation on Medical Applicances

The Department of revenue will all a VAT refund on certain equipment bought as a result of a medical necessity and approved by the appropriate professional.


Information on Fitness to Drive and Disabled Drivers

Adelaide Self-Efficacy Scale-screening tool

Adelaide Driving Self-Efficacy Scale

This tool is available to download free of charge. It consists of a set of 12 driving behaviours developed by experts. It is rated on a scale of 1-10, 1 having great difficulty and 10 having no difficulty. It may also be used as a proxy scale by a family member. It appears to be a reliable and valid measure of driving self-efficacy.

If you scored under 5 in any of the 10 questions we would advise speaking with your GP about this.


Online self-assessment quiz which gives a good indication of problems you may be experiencing. Remember it is American!

Online Self-Assessment Quiz


National Driving Licence Service

Medical Reports


Irish Wheelchair Association.

Driving Tution & Assessment


Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland
Ten tips to help if you’re worried about an older driver