Resources for Health Care Professionals

Medical Fitness To Drive

There are many resources available free on line for professionals and clients in relation to Medical Fitness to Drive. There are a number of suggested resources for doctors, health care professionals and consumers. These resources are Irish and international.

Ten tips to help if you’re worried about an older driver

Adelaide Self-Efficacy Scale-screening tool

Adelade Self Efficacy Scale Screening Tool

This tool is available to download free of charge. It consists of a set of 12 driving behaviours, developed through literature review, clinical experience and expert review, were rated for self-efficacy using a Likert scale. It may also be used as a proxy scale by a family member. It appears to be a reliable and valid measure of driving self-efficacy.

If they scored under 5 in any of the 10 questions we would advise further review of their driving skills. 

Screening Test A & B.

Screening Test A & B

This tool is available to download free of charge. It tests an individuals strategic level of cognitive functioning. The process of completion is as important as the overall result.


Road Safety Authority Guidelines

Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines


Royal College Of Physicans in Ireland

Royal College of Physicans


National Driving Licence Service

Medical Reports


Irish Wheelchair Association

Driving Tution and Assessment


Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland



Resources for Grant Applications

Applications for a Disabled Person’s Housing grant or housing aid for older People must be downloaded from the relevant authority. Links to Cork City & County sites are listed here.

Housing Loans & Grants

Housing Grants

VAT reclaimation on Medical Applicances

The Department of revenue will issue a VAT refund on certain equipment bought as a result of a medical necessity and approved by the appropriate professional.