Home Modification


Home modification assessments, advice and reports

Changes in our lives may mean we have difficulty in managing daily tasks at home, for example, showering, making meals, entering and leaving our homes. Advice from an occupational therapist regarding home modifications can allow you to gain more control over your daily life, allow you to live at home more safely and comfortably as your needs changes.

Occupational Therapists can also advise you on accessing grants that you may be eligible for.

Fitness to Drive


Fitness to drive reviews and rehabilitation

The guidelines published by the Road Safety Authority and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland highlight “the need for all of us to appreciate that the state of our health impacts, to a greater or lesser degree, on our ability to drive safely”. The fitness to drive review is a comprehensive service that looks at all the skills required for driving that may be affected by ill health or disabilities/difficulties. For most people the review will include an off road and an on-road assessment. The on road assessment is completed by specially trained instructors. It is not a driving test.

Adelaide Driving Self-Efficacy Scale (ADSES) – Take the test

Advice to Carers, Families
& Nursing Homes


Going home from a long spell in hospital can be challenging and difficult.  Advice is available to clients, carers, families and nursing homes to provides unique functional information that assists the person and their family to make appropriate plans and changes to ensure safety and reduce stress. Advice on specialized seating and other equipment is also available.

Universal Design
and Access


Ensuring that your built environment meets the criteria set out in National Disability Authority’s Buildings for Everyone is challenging. We can help you to maximize the access and design of your school, nursing home, home, apartment block or other building.