There are grants available to enable you to complete works that are ESSSENTIAL to enable you to remain at home safely if you have a physical, sensory or intellectual disability or mental health difficulty.

Cork Occupational Therapy Services Ltd has 30 years of experience in completing assessments for these grants. We can assess your needs within the context of your family and your home. Recommendations are provided within the guidelines of the grant.

The final decision on awarding the grant lies with the council that you are dealing with.

All grants are means tested. All grants fund up to 90% of the councils estimated costs of the works, to the maximum each grant allows. Please refer to the links from the Citizens information centre below. Each local authority may have specific processes and it is best to consult with them.

Your grant application will be prioritised according to medical necessity, with three levels of priority:

  • Priority 1: A person who is terminally ill or fully/primarily dependent on professional or family care; or where adaptations would enable a discharge from hospital or reduce the need for hospitalisation in the future.
  • Priority 2: A person who is mobile but requires assistance with washing, going to the toilet or bedroom assistance; or where a lack of adaptation would hinder the person’s ability to function independently.
  • Priority 3: A person who can function independently but requires special facilities to improve their quality of life, e.g. separate bedroom or living space.

Upon receipt of the application, the local authority may request an assessment from an occupational therapist (OT). The local authority can charge for this assessment, but you can hire an OT privately to conduct the assessment and reclaim up to €200 as part of the total grant, up to the maximum amount to which you are entitled.

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The maximum Housing Adaptation Grant paid out by Galway County Council is €30,000 for houses erected more than 12 months and €14,500 for houses erected for 12 months or less, with the level of grant payable also dependent on an assessment of household income. If there’s anyone who needs assistance with this around Galway, you’re always welcome to get in touch with my office and my staff will be happy to assist,

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Security Alert for Older People

The Seniors Alert Scheme provides funds to local community and voluntary organisations to install personal monitored alarms and items of home security. Grants can be made to provide security measures for people aged 65 or over who are living alone, or only with other older people, and who are unable themselves to install or buy such equipment.

Other Housing Grants

Grants not related to your health needs are available and can be used at the same time as the other grants (but not for the same works).

Claim for Refund of Value Added Tax (VAT) chargeable on aids and appliances for use by Persons with Disabilities

Value-Added Tax (VAT), charged and paid within the Republic of Ireland, may be reclaimed on certain aids and appliances for use by persons with disabilities. The relief applies to VAT on the purchase of goods which are aids and appliances designed to assist a person with disabilities to overcome his or her disability in the performance of daily functions or in the exercise of a vocation. The relief is not allowed on services or on the rental of goods. The relief is also available in certain circumstances to persons other than disabled persons who purchase such goods for the sole ownership, possession and the exclusive use of a named person or persons with disabilities. The provisions of the Order extend to works carried out on homes to adapt them to make them more accessible for persons with disabilities. The provisions do not apply to the actual construction of a home but would apply, for example, to certain alterations or adaptations which would be necessary to meet the particular needs of the person with the disability. The above-mentioned Order does not cover refunds on motor vehicles for drivers with disabilities or on motor vehicles for transport of persons with disabilities or on road vehicles of any kind.

If your claim is in respect of a Housing Adaptation e.g. Bathroom or Bedroom Adaptation, please supply/upload a copy of the Complete Occupational Therapist Report and a Detailed Builders Quotation clearly showing all work that was carried out.

Medical Evidence of disability may be requested.