Driving is an important part of most people’s lives and is often considered to be key to independence. An injury or illness can have a huge impact on your ability to drive and potentially then on your independence, participation, and self-confidence. Cork Occupational Therapy Services provides services to enable people to continue to drive safely.

The guidelines published by the Road Safety Authority and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland highlight “the need for all of us to appreciate that the state of our health impacts, to a greater or lesser degree, on our ability to drive safely”.

The fitness to drive review is a comprehensive service that looks at all the skills required for driving that may be affected by ill health or disabilities/difficulties. The information obtained can be used to support the D501 form completed by your GP when they are signing your fitness to drive.

The assessment process typically requires:

  1. A letter/phone call from your Doctor
  2. Off-road assessment
  3. On-road assessment with a driving instructor (if appropriate)
  4. A report outlining the outcome, further recommendations, or restrictions.

These services may be appropriate for:

  • New drivers with a physical, intellectual, or psychological disability
  • Drivers returning to driving following a physical injury, neurological event or disability.
  • Clients with age related changes or degenerative conditions requiring assessment of their fitness to drive.

Driving Tuition is available for people whose health or confidence may have impacted on their driving. This is guided by consultation with the occupational therapist.

Our therapists have completed the post graduate Certificate in Traffic Medicine.  

Cork OT services have proven expertise in the area traffic medicine.

Cork OT Service staff have presented workshops as part of the PREPARED Programme UCC https://dementiapathways.ie/ and completed CPD videos for the Irish College of General Practitioners.