Cork OT Services provide solutions and supports to help a person obtain work, return to work, remain in work or to assist with retirement.

Cork OT Services complete an in-depth analysis of an employee in their work environment. The process is customised to suit the unique circumstances of the employee and the needs of the employer. The process typically consists of an interview with the employee and employer (together or separate) and standardised and non-standardised assessment tools. A report is then provided outlining the capacity of the employee with recommendations. 

Cork OT Services can also assist you in accessing grants provided by the Department of Social Welfare to support, retain and retrain employees who have developed illness or injury that impedes their capacity to do their job.

Cork OT Services can support you in developing an inclusive work environment by assisting you to access the Wage Subsidy Scheme. This scheme provides financial support to your business when employing people with disabilities.

Cork OT Services provides ongoing monitoring with all of the above services as required.