Changes in our lives may mean we have difficulty in managing daily tasks at home, for example, showering, making meals, entering and leaving our homes. Advice from an occupational therapist regarding home modifications can allow you to gain more control over your daily life, allow you to live at home more safely and comfortably as your needs changes.

Cork OT services have proven expertise in the area of home modifications.

Cork OT Services enable people to access appropriate funding that people may be eligible for.

Examples (series of pictures with titles)

  • Low level/walk in showers
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchen
  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • Ramps and railings
  • Stairlifts
  • Through floor lift
  • Calming environments

Cork OT Services Ltd have also trained many occupational therapists in this area of practice through CPD course via the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland. Cork OT services director is editor of the AOTI Housing Design Guidelines for Occupational Therapists in Ireland and have presented nationally and internationally in this area.